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Freshwater Aquariums

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Fish By Design Freshwater Aquarium Services in Orange County and Los Angeles. We offer over 25 years of Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance to residential and commercial customers. We know how to offer you a great aquarium experience by providing artfully designed aquariums and the best aquarium filtration possible so that your fish thrive and flourish in a beautiful aquatic setting.

Freshwater Aquarium Services Orange County, Los Angeles.

  • Water changes
  • Vacuum clean sand bed
  • Clean filters
  • Periodically Test water quality
  • Inspect animals for health and vitality
  • Clean aquarium interior, exterior
  • Clean furniture interior and exterior
  • Free delivery of animals and supplies with service
  • Available 24 hours for any emergency

Our freshwater aquarium services also include:

  • Quarantine and recuperative hospital tanks for your animals at our facility
  • 30 day unconditional warranty on all newly purchased fish through FBD
  • Aquarium scratch removal
  • Aquarium relocations
Aquarium Maintenance Orange County, Los Angeles

Whether it's freshwater aquarium services or help with a saltwater aquarium, pond or tank design we've got experts to help. We offer trusted aquarium maintenance solutions and offer services all over Orange County and Los Angeles. From Newport and Huntington Beach to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills our service trucks stock everything needed to support your aquarium.

For over 25 years we have professionally maintained all sizes of aquariums for residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California. With many great reviews for both custom tank designs and aquarium cleaning services in Orange County and Los Angeles call now and find out how we can help. We guarantee to provide a service program or custom built aquarium that will meet your needs. For more about our freshwater aquarium services in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas or learn more about our tank designs, saltwater aquariums, and pond cleanings call to speak with our friendly experts.


Fish By Design offers a full line of aquarium and pond products and services. We specialize in the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Living Reefs and Marine Aquariums. We also provide a comprehensive service program for Koi Pond care.


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