Fish By Design has been providing Acrylic Buffing Services for over twenty-five years. We can remove scratches from most acrylic aquarium surfaces.

We provide services for residential as and commercial clients.
The approach we take to removing aquarium scratches depends on the size and location of the aquarium as well as the size, location and depth of the scratches.

We begin with the least invasive approach that we believe will remove the scratch, such as using a three part buffing compound for small shallow scratches or an extra fine, 9 Micron wet/dry sandpaper, for long fine scratches -to using a coarser grade of wet/dry sandpaper that will remove deeper scratches. This will require the use of a special Acrylic Orbital Buffer followed by the use of a buffing wheel to polish acrylic surface.

Our services range from removing scratches by hand under water to dismantling the aquarium in order to refurbish the entire surface.
Call us today to find out how we can remove unsightly scratches from your acrylic aquarium.

Note: Due to the time consuming nature of the scratch removal process we recommend performing repairs on larger aquariums. It may, at times, be less expensive to replace a small acrylic aquarium than to have blemishes professionally removed. Sorry, we do not remove scratches from glass tanks.

Acrylic Buffing Services start at $250

If you would like to remove scratches by hand yourself we recommend  Novus Plastic Polish Kit

Thank you for the wonderful polishing and restoration work your company did on our newly acquired 300 gallon tank.  It looks fabulous and should be a great addition to our new Ecosystems exhibits.
Best regards,
Nathan (Nate) Miranda | Assistant Deputy Director, Operations
California Science Center

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